The Board

Amani Lwanzo – Vice president

Amani Lwanzo is an independent international consultant with extensive experience working in education, health and economic development. She has led assignments for USAID, DFID, the UN and the World Bank Group.

As a native of the DRC, Amani knows first hand the transformational and important role Poiema will have in providing high quality Christian education to young Congolese leaders and is honored to support Poiema.

Dr. Lynne Little – Secretary

Dr. Lynne Little at Compass Education LLC is an educational consultant whose former experiences as a classroom teacher and an elementary principal at a classical Christian school has been a perfect fit for support to Poiema.

Dr. Little resides in the U.S. with her husband, Ronnie. Her consulting work allows her to support Christian schools all over the United States through curriculum development, professional workshops, and accreditation projects.

Marie Makaya Phagan – Treasurer

Marie Phagan wears many hats. She is an event organizer specialized in speaker management and has contributed in organizing events in Belgium and Kinshasa, DRC. She is also a professional makeup artist. Marie has served in church as worship leader and bilingual interpreter for pastors and has been active in youth and women’s ministry.

Marie is originally from Congo but she was raised in Belgium before returning to Kinshasa in 2012 with her husband, Pastor Brett Phagan, and their children. Pastor Brett leads the International Protestant Church of Kinshasa.